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Revitalize skin damage - tea polyphenol hydrogel covering

Description: This product is a highly-efficient hydrogel-type covering without added preservatives. The raw materials used are: shelled cotton, tea polyphenols, mint extract, initiator and crosslinking agent. It can pull the wounded area together and promotes healing, thus results in the wound being seamless and scar-free .

Revitalize skin damage——tea polyphenol hydrogel covering In ancient times, people did not know what wound infections were, and injuries often meant death. So what are factors and causes of wound infections? External factors: long-term pressure on the wound, repeated damage, bacterial infections etc. Internal factors: age, other diseases (such as diabetes), poor living habits such as smoking (which can damage blood vessels), etc. All of these factors can make the wound susceptible to infection and affect the healing process. We found that many coverings on the market are complex to make and have side effects. In comparison, our covering is simple to make, has a low production cost, effectively promotes wound healing and has few side effects, and can be welcomed by the market. Our experimental design mainly included the cellulose extraction fraction and the covering synthesis part. We chose shell cotton extract cellulose because its cellulose content is very high, so the cellulose extracted from it is very hydrophilic, which can bring a more favorable environment for wound healing, conducive to the growth of granulation tissue. Tea polyphenols and mint extract as raw materials can also promote wound healing, allergy resistance and give a cool and refreshing feeling. Cellulose Extraction 1. Add 2% NaOH(sodium hydroxide) to boil for 100min 2. Add 5% H2O2(hydrogen peroxide) and heat it at 70-80℃ for 0.5h 3. Filter, neutralize, and dry Hydrogel synthesis: 1. Tea polyphenols + mint extract + cellulose were mixed evenly and dissolved 2. Add the cross-linking agent and the initiator 3. Stir and mix well 4. Leave it for one day after the 2.5hours constant temperature reaction 5. Place in an 80℃ drying box until it reaches a constant weight Innovative Points 1. The synthesis pathway is simple 2. Low-cost, environmentally-friendly and biodegradable 3. Special high-efficiency formula can reduce inflammation and relieve pain, whilst promoting wound healing 4. No added preservatives needed Because the product is pure naturally-made without addition, its shelf life is about half a month.



Category: Pharma

Country: Macau SAR

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