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Synergistic Ecological Remediation Technology for Solid Waste Soils from Mining in High Cold and High Altitude Areas

Description: PATENTS: ZL202010452058.5;ZL202110750682.8;ZL202111194332.4;ZL202011266016.9

High altitude mining areas have environmental characteristics such as low temperature and dryness, poor soil quality, and lack of topsoil. It is very difficult to restore vegetation without human interference from tailings accumulated during mining activities. In response to the above challenges, an ecological restoration technology path has been developed for the construction of a synergistic plant growth matrix for mining solid waste soil treatment, which includes "in-situ pyrolysis of tailings+soil fertility improvement+water retention and moisture preservation+planting bag cultivation". This technology has been successfully applied to multiple mining areas for ecological restoration. The cumulative restoration area exceeds 3000 acres, saving enterprises over 200 million yuan in costs. We have applied for 18 related patents and authorized 2, supporting the development of 3 group standards. The cooperative enterprise has won honors such as the third prize of the Science and Technology Award and the national green mine pilot unit.

Organisation: Kunming University of Science and Technology

Innovator(s): Jianhong Huang; Yuena Huang; Minghao Cheng; Junyu Shu; Jianfen Zuo; Shunfu Yang; Yunge Zhao; Ximing Yan; Bin Zhu; Gen Zhang; Hecheng Fu.

Category: Environment

Country: China

Gold Award