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Description: A two-function device for weed control and steam floor cleaning

1. GENESIS In spring not only gardeners have a problem with weeds on footpaths or dirt roads. The use of herbicides requires special precautions involving the spreading of the herbicide on weeds only because the contact of the herbicide with other plants would cause their destruction. Therefore it cannot be used commercially available sprayers, whereas dilution the herbicide in water and spreading it by a watering pot is very inefficient. Other ways of spreading herbicides (for example by brush) are very tiring and besides involve a risk of chemical contact with the user's skin or eyes. Bucior completely eliminates this risk because the user's body does not have direct contact with the herbicide while the work is not difficult. Bucior serves for weeding not only on footpaths, because thanks to its construction the device can work on every weeds-overgrown surface, also on unpaved areas. In the original plan, bucior was designed to serve for weeding only. However in cold climate countries, this function is used periodically, so I decided to add a second function, i.e. the steam floor cleaning. 2. CONSTRUCTION The device moves on four wheels and is pushed by the operator using a handle. In the upper part of this handle there is a control panel, on which are placed two switches. One turns on the pump and the second turns on the water boiler. In addition, the panel is equipped with a pump voltage controller, powered by the transformer. By adjusting the voltage, you can reduce or increase the efficiency of the pump. Under the handle there is a lever, which serves for activate the brush drive (used in the steam cleaning mode). Inside the casing of bucior there is a 2.5 liter plastic tank (The set contains two interchangeable tanks, i.e. separate for water and herbicide). In this tank there is a tube connected to the pump, which is connected to the three-way valve. Its task is to direct the working liquid to the water boiler and next to the set of five steam nozzles (placed in the front part of the chassis) or to a set of three double herbicide nozzles, also placed under the chassis of the device. On the equipment of the bucior are also protection covers for the wheels. These covers are recommended to use while steam cleaning floors, because they prevent from soiling the floor by wheels soiled while weeding. 3. OPERATION Work with bucior begins from placing the water or herbicide tank (depending on the operating mode) inside the casing of the device. After plugging the device to the power supply and activating the pump, it sucks working liquid from the tank, directing it to the three-way valve, controlled by a manual lever. By appropriately setting this lever, the liquid is directed (depending on the operating mode of the device) to the set of herbicide nozzles or to the boiler, which heats the water to the boiling point. The generated steam is then fed into a set of five steam nozzles, and then it is spread on the floor by a rotating brush (which is attached to the device in the steam cleaning mode).

Organisation: Bartosz Walentyn - independent inventor

Innovator(s): Bartosz Walentyn

Category: Home and Lifestyle

Country: Poland

Silver Award