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A near electric alarm safety helmet

Description: PATENT: ZL202221520370.4

This utility model belongs to the technical field of safety helmet equipment, specifically a near electric alarm safety helmet. The shell body is detachably connected with a head wearing body and a battery box, and the battery box is fixedly connected with four sets of expansion rods and solar panels that cooperate with the battery at intervals. The side walls of the head wearing body are equipped with three sets of pressure sensors at circumferential intervals, and the head wearing body is equipped with an adaptive device that cooperates with the pressure sensor, The shell body is equipped with a buzzer that cooperates with the induction detection module.

Organisation: China Association of Inventions

Innovator(s): Zheng Ke, Yang Yuewu,Xu Xiaochen, Li Ming ,Xu Lan, Liao Tao,Nan Yu

Category: Safety/Security/Protection

Country: China

Silver Award