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Description: One of the biggest problems in the field of knowledge is the quality of education in rural areas. The main causes are teachers shortage, few opportunities for studying. Considering all of this, I have made the poject named IQeducation. The main goals of IQeducation: improve the level of knowlege, and support rural students. Nowadays, 140 students from all of the parts of Kazakhstan are participating in this project. We have three courses: English, mathematics, biology. Duration of courses is 2 month and students already have shown progress and results.

IQeducation is a free, educational online course for rural children. The main goal of the project is to develop the level of students and support them. The main feature of the project is that teachers consist of volunteers. The obligation of volunteers are to conduct video lessons and live lessons. After completing project, the student can take a special test and submit it to the nomination "Best Student". With this, the student's motivation to learn is revealed and can quickly show progress. As a result, the quality of education in the village requires additional knowledge. Therefore, additional education is one of the opportunities for the development of the level of knowledge of students. In this regard, the idea and purpose of the project were formed. In rural areas, there are many talented and curious students. The project will be free, effective and accessible to all rural students. Helping students in rural areas on the educational side is a step towards becoming a fundamental country. The future of the village is our future!

Organisation: IQanat high school of Burabay, Kazakhstan

Innovator(s): Gulnaz Rakhmanova

Category: Education

Country: Kazakhstan

Silver Award