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Special Effect big Bubble Machine

Description: The invention is the first machine in China could create big bubbles,alThe invention is the first machine in China could create big bubbles,also can produce smoke-effect big bubbles, The bi-directional closing mechanism and the baseplate designed by CAM software combination, bubbles making has a high success rate.big bubble machine mounted on car for easy moving.

The invention is the first machine in China to automatically create big bubbles,Bubbles making has a high success rate and can produce smoke-effect big bubbles,Increase stage atmosphere, fill with mystery. The air bubble machine I invented last year has become "Air", and now my new invention can become "Ground",It can make the bubbles more glorious, and let more children fall in love with science. The bi-directional closing mechanism I invented, which combines an elliptical baseplate to achieve membrane creating and separating bubbles. The baseplate is designed by CAM software ,Make by CNC(computer numerical control), which can store bubble liquid and assist in Membrane formation. Here is my modified 100W smoker, which adds lithium-ion power supply and remote control function so that the invention does not need AC power. I use laser to cut out the car body, the whole car is transparent and clear. The car is programmed with arduino, the main control panel controls both the car and the bubble machine, reducing the use of materials. Bubble size can be programmed to adjust the closing time, precisely control the size of the bubbles, you can set different combinations of actions. It's easy to operate with a gamepad. People who don't know programming can also easily manipulate my inventions. My work is an invention in a new field that many people think of, but no one does. There are no similar cases or related information available for reference during the invention process. I did over twenty experiments to get the data I needed My invention is suitable for many occasions, such as playground, square, stage, and on some meaningful days, it can also increase the atmosphere of the scene. Later, I plan to reduce its size and develop it into toys. Many children like to play with bubbles in China, and I hope my invention can bring them happiness.

Organisation: Zhuhai Wenyuan Middle School

Innovator(s): Yang Huijia

Category: Other/Miscellaneous

Country: China

Gold Award